Developmental editing, historic preservation, marketing and communications, and program development may at first glance seem like an unusual set of services for one person to provide. But in twenty years of serving in a variety of roles in higher ed (researcher, writer, teacher, program director), the private sector (historic preservation consultant), and for unions and professional organizations, I have developed wide-ranging interests and expertise.

My four practice areas reflect the work I am most interested in doing at this moment in my career. All share a common thread: my desire to support others in achieving their goals, whether that goal is to finish writing a book, list a building on the National Register, develop fundraising materials for a nonprofit, or facilitate strategic partnerships with likeminded organizations.

I am located in West Hartford, Connecticut. With the exception of my historic preservation services, which by their nature nearly always require fieldwork, I work entirely remotely.

I bill hourly or as a flat rate, depending on the nature of our work together. My rates are determined by a project’s scope and complexity.

Please email me to discuss your project. I do not charge for initial consultations.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editors help writers effectively communicate their ideas. I work primarily with academic authors in the humanities and social sciences who write about history, architectural history, or urban studies. My experience as a graduate advisor influences my approach to developmental editing, and I incorporate elements of writing coaching to foster a supportive relationship that motivates writers to do their best work.

I edit projects of all sizes, including proposals, book and article manuscripts, and grant and fellowship applications. Our work together can begin at any stage from initial concept to fully drafted manuscript. My services are customized to individual client goals and work habits and typically involve detailed written feedback and Zoom check-ins at regular intervals.

I do not provide indexing or copyediting services, but I am happy to make referrals to colleagues who do.

Historic Preservation

As an independent consultant or a subcontractor, I prepare historic resource surveys, National and state register nominations, and Section 106 compliance reports. I meet the Secretary of the Interior’s professional qualifications standards for history and architectural history (36CFR61).

I typically work on projects in New England and New York. I make exceptions for projects I find especially interesting, or which can be completed entirely remotely (for example, preparing a report or nomination based on research or a survey that has already been completed, or editing or evaluating a report or nomination that has already been prepared).

Marketing and Communications

I help clients tell persuasive stories about what they do and why it matters. I create content for websites, newsletters, and social media; digital and print marketing materials; and fundraising, membership, and advocacy campaigns. I typically work with colleges and universities, professional associations, nonprofit arts and humanities organizations, and labor unions.

For clients seeking UX assistance, I provide information architecture, user interface design, and content strategy services.

I do not design custom websites or create brand identities, but I am happy to make referrals to colleagues who do.

Program Development

I help organizations develop, update, and assess existing programs; expand their activities and reach; and solve problems. I typically work with colleges and universities, professional associations, nonprofit arts and humanities organizations, and labor unions. Program development is the most amorphous of my practice areas, and might involve some combination of the following:

  • Workshop, event, and conference planning assistance
  • Program evaluation
  • Campaign coordination
  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing partnerships
  • Budget creation and management
  • Supporting leadership transitions, mergers, or other organizational change